What an amazing week it has been in the Wareham household! James and I had the most perfect wedding day in beautiful Llangasty, it truly was the best day of our lives! A wedding present from my mother and father in law was to have the amazing ‘Cavalry of Heroes’ horses and carriage take me to and from the church firstly with my dad and then with my husband! I know it’s not Physio but if you’re a horse lover I’m sure you’ll appreciate how stunning they are – see pic below!

In addition to this my Horse and Hound blog went live and I’m very much looking forward to writing future blogs and keeping you up to date with my work and the latest from my profession! It is my dream job and fascinates me everyday! There is always something new to learn, horses are incredible creatures and beautiful, passive beings that want to please us.  In return, I make it my goal to keep them comfortable and happy in anyway I can!

Anyhow, I am on my honeymoon in beautiful Italy and very much look forward to updating my EquiForm and H&H blog on my return!

Best wishes,

Nina x


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