Rider Analysis

A thorough biomechanical assessment of the rider is carried out both on and off of the horse.

Areas of discomfort, weakness and postural asymmetry are identified.

Treatment concentrates on improving posture, symmetry and stability with focus on pelvic alignment and core strength.

The session will include the teaching of a tailored, rehabilitative exercise program. It is recommended that the rider carry out this program in order to maintain and progress the changes made.

You may benefit from rider analysis if you:

  • Struggle to maintain a secure seat
  • Feel that you ride better on one rein than the other
  • Collapse to one side
  • Lean back or forward too much
  • Have pain in your back / hips/ shoulders / neck
  • ‘Fix’ through your hands / the reins
  • Are aiming to progress in training / competition level

Slow motion video analysis allows the rider to view ‘before and after’ changes.  This means that improvements made within the session can be taken forward in future schooling and training.

All riders can benefit from Rider Analysis, from the amateur to the professional.