Kissing Spine podcast

Specilaist orthopaedic vet, Ollie Crowe, from B&W Equine discusses kissing spine and available options for treatment.  This is a brilliant podcast that highlights the importance of physiotherapy in the management of horses with overriding dorsal spinous processes (kissing spine).

Schooling is not all about the school…

Effective schooling is key in maintaining your horse’s flexibility, strength, balance and ability to respond to your ridden aids.  But this doesn’t have to be confined to the school!  Keep your horse keen to work by using schooling techniques whilst out hacking…. See H&H article

Theo Funnell & Piper

If you have any concerns about your horse’s ability to respond to your ridden aids or notice signs of discomfort or resistance such a ears pinned back, bucking, hollowing through the back or a tense posture for example then contact your local ACPAT Physiotherapist who will be able to assess as to whether there is a musculoskeletal cause.

Back pain in horses – part 1

Here is the link to my latest blog for Horse & Hound Magazine on back pain in horses and things to look out for in your own horse –


Think about the anatomical and soft tissue structures lying under the horse’s bridle / halter

A great image and brief discussion around the structures that may be affected by bridle and bit placement and fit…

My latest Horse & Hound blog on factors to consider in improving performance whilst maintaining horse welfare

Here is my latest blog for Horse and Hound blog… BILLINGTON riding UFORIA JX in the International Competition 25, AM-A Grand-Prix, Class 48, during Bolesworth CSI **** held in the grounds of Bolesworth Castle near Chester in Cheshire in UK on 19 th June 2016

Kissing spine – what are the treatment options?

The following article (see link) explores some of the options for treatment of kissing spines including the importance of physiotherapy.

Horse, rider and tack interactions

Here is the link to a really interesting blog post summarising some of the work by the brilliant Hiliary Clayton….

4 key ground exercises for improving core strength and flexibility

Here is my latest post for Horse and Hound looking at dynamic mobilisation exercises.

Fantastic Sponsorship Opportunity

Fantastic sponsorship opportunity for one horse and rider combination!

Equiform Physiotherapy is looking to take on a ‘star of the future’ horse and rider combination from the South West of England / South Wales.

The duo will receive regular physiotherapy assessment and treatment as well as a tailored exercise program to prevent injury and support improvements in both horse and rider fitness and performance.

To apply for this exciting opportunity, please submit a paragraph about yourself and your horse/pony via the contact form on the website.
Please include location, riding discipline and current level as well as goals for the future.

Best wishes and good luck!
Nina Wareham

Chartered Physiotherapist and Veterinary Physiotherapist