Physiotherapy for horses

Your horse will be fully assessed in order to identify areas of pain, weakness and muscular imbalance.  This includes a comprehensive assessment of gait and function, joint range of movement and palpation of joints, muscles and soft tissues.

Physiotherapy can support horses that are:

  • Showing signs of musculoskeletal pain (joint, muscle, soft tissue)
  • Following a period of lameness, surgery or illness
  • In hard work or progressing in their training / competition level
  • Displaying a deterioration in performance
  • Demonstrating challenging or pain-related behavior patterns

Physiotherapy can also be used in order to prevent occurrence of discomfort associated with tight muscles and stiff joints for example.

Treatment may encompass a range of modalities including soft tissue and myofascial techniques, joint mobilisation, electrotherapy and comprehensive, rehabilitative exercise programs.

Treatment will be tailored to the individual horse and services are provided to all horses from the happy-hacker to top performance athletes.

Horse & Hound Magazine discusses Physiotherapy and the importance of choosing a Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist:

Understanding physiotherapy